Rocketbox Libraries

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In Game Development Rocketbox Libraries provide an easy and cost effective way to fill virtual worlds with life quickly - they are perfect for the usage as NPCs (non-player characters) or animated background assets like animals.

Especially the new Complete Characters HD product series has a visual quality that is high enough for usage as avatars and player characters, as they even include a sophisticated facial bones setup with premade phonemes, expressions and animations.

For VR Software, Military Simulation and Training the demand is similar as in the Game Development Industry. Such applications are much more effective when they provide a very authentic experience. Populating them with believable characters that move realisticly is an important factor in this case.

Architectural renderings and walkthroughs as well as all kinds of pre-rendered Visualization profit from the lifelike appearance of Rocketbox Libraries and the well-optimized assets make it possible to render even big crowds with low hardware requirements. Also artificial presenters can be perfectly realized as 3d avatars with the built-in facial animation system from Complete Characters HD.

The new generation of mobile applications is more and more demanding for realtime 3d. Many assets from Rocketbox Libraries are additionally also included in low level of detail meshes, with polygon counts as low as 600 tris. Speeding up the development process of mobile apps by using prefab models and animations is a smart move.
Usage Examples

Usage Examples