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Terms of use

§1 Coverage of General Terms of Use

(1) Rocketbox Studios (the seller) offers its services and products exclusively based on the terms of use laid out in the following. General Terms of Use of the buyer are hereby rejected and will not apply to any purchase from Rocketbox Studios. Any deviations from the seller's terms of use will only be binding if the seller acknowledges them and confirms those deviations in writing.
(2) Information, data and prices on Internet-pages, in ads, brochures, catalogs and other publications are non-binding and subject to change. A contract between the seller and the buyer is only final with a written order confirmation through the seller (e-mail sufficient), or with the start of fulfilling the order (shipment or delivery). Changes or additions will only be recognized and are only valid if the seller confirms them in writing (letter) or electronically.

§2 Prices and Payment Terms

(1) Binding delivery dates will only be valid after written (incl. email) request by buyer & confirmation by seller. The delivery time can be extended due to work stoppage (e.g. strike), official regulations (e.g. import/export restrictions) or other events beyond the control of Rocketbox Studios. After setting an appropriate extension deadline, the buyer has the right to cancel the order if the seller still does not bring about delivery of the ordered products. Further claims cannot be brought against the seller unless bad intent or gross negligence on part of the seller are proven.
(2) Regularly all Rocketbox Studios products are available for immediate shipment. Should one or more of the ordered product not be available for immediate shipment, or if the product (s) have been discontinued, then the buyer will be informed about this without undue delay.
(3) Current prices can be obtained from our website (Menu "How to Order"). With the release of a new price list all previously published price lists are invalid.

§3 Return of products

(1) Notice of non-acceptance and mailed return shipment has to be given to Rocketbox Studios within 2 weeks of order date.
(2) The risk (damage, loss) of returning the products lies with the buyer. As far as the delivered goods correspond with product titles ordered, the buyer will pay for the return shipment. The buyer will make sure the products are properly and adequately protected during return shipment. If the buyer has received the product by download as "Digital Media Files", then in case of a return of products the buyer must immediately and permanently delete all data that he received.

§4 Change of Ownership

(1) The seller remains owner of the products or "Digital Media Files" until complete and final payment of all open receivables between the seller and the buyer in question. As long as complete and final payment has not been made the buyer does not hold a valid license as described in this document and in the license agreement for the respective product. This license only takes effect after complete and final payment.

§5 Protection of Customer Data

(1) Rocketbox Studios processes customer data solely for the purpose of order fulfillment and for the occasional contact with customers through Rocketbox Studios itself. Service companies (e.g. banks) which have to be involved in the order regular processing (e.g. credit card verification) receive customer data only to the extent necessary for completion of the order. Rocketbox Studios will never pass on or sell customer data to any third parties. Rocketbox Studios treats all customer data highly confidential.

§6 Electronic Software Delivery

(1) If the buyer chooses the Download as the mode of delivery, the seller will make the"Digital Media Files" available for download from its server.