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male nurse 3d model

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CCHD m162 male nursecchd_m162

Pre-rigged and skinned high quality male nurse 3d model in scrubs with facial bone rig. Optimized for real-time applications, with 4 different LODs (Levels of Detail). Click here for more information about the LODs.

Three animations are already included with this character. Many additionally purchasable mocap animation packages from "Complete Characters HD" are available - they match with this character without any need for editing.
$ 700.00
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Information about File Formats

All characters and animations from the Complete Characters HD series are available in following file formats:

3ds Max file format with animations saved as *.BIP files. The 3ds Max files are compatible and fully functional down to version 2009 of 3ds Max.

Maya *.MB file format for all models and *.MA format for the animations, compatible down to version 2008 of Maya.

NOTE: Please choose a file format from the dropdown box above before selecting a license.

All products available on have the same kind of licensing: each product has four kinds of different license models to choose from:
They allow the usage for different purposes under different conditions. The license cost is the same for each of the four licenses.

To help you finding out which one fits your needs, we give a general overview of the differences between the four licensing options on this page.
For the full license text please go to the Information > Licensing submenu.

  • can be used for creation of pre-rendered images and movies only (not for real-time applications)
  • can be used for an unlimited amount of projects
  • use is limited to one named workgroup (100 people max.)
  • examples of use: architectural presentations, pre-rendered trailers, print or online advertisements, pre-rendered product visualizations

  • restriction to the use in one commercial project (and its modifications/sequels), that is sold to consumers (and not to business customers)
  • further projects require the purchase of further licenses ("per-project-license")
  • not restricted to one named workgroup
  • examples of use: computer game or educational software that is distributed to consumers

  • to be used for the development of training simulation software or other projects aimed at businesses or organizations (and not at consumers)
  • for each installed unit of a simulator, an additional royalty fee has to be paid (the royalty fee per unit equals the license price of the respective product)
  • use is limited to one named workgroup (100 people max.)
  • examples of use: military training simulations or VR environments created as turn-key systems

  • restriction to non-commercial use
  • can be used for an unlimited amount of projects
  • usage is limited to one named workgroup (100 people max.)
  • examples of use: non-commercial student projects at universities

If you have questions or if you think you need a different licensing that is not covered by one of the four pre-defined models, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)511 - 89 84 3 84. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to or use the contact page on this website.

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The face rig consists of 28 bones - many phonemes and facial expressions are already set up for this character. The rest of the skeleton has 53 bones. The bone skeleton is standardized for all Complete Characters HD males.

"Complete Characters HD" is available in 3ds Max and Maya file format.
The whole character mesh has a polycount of 8240 tris. The LOD meshes have 4086, 1980 and 982 triangles.

A video that shows an example of how the face animation looks with the LODs can be seen here (or larger version for download)

The face mask and cap can easily be removed if required.
The character has a 2048x2048 texture for the body and a 2048x2048 texture for the head. An additional 2048x2048 texture is included for the separate mask and hair net.

Each diffuse texture comes with a Photoshop *.PSD file with conserved layers, so that certain texture elements can be changed (for example the ambient occlusion layer or the gloves).

Normal bump maps and specular maps are also included for this character.

The character is created in a way that it will still look very good if used with the diffuse map only.

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